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This is the web site of the Laboratory for Anthropogenic Landscape Ecology, a group of scholars investigating the ecology and sustainable management of populated landscapes under the direction of Erle Ellis in the Department of Geography & Environmental Systems at UMBC.

What are Anthropogenic Landscapes?

Anthropogenic landscapes are areas of Earth's terrestrial surface where direct human alteration of ecological patterns and processes is profound, ongoing, and directed toward servicing the needs of human populations for food, fuel, fiber, timber, shelter, trade and recreation. About Anthropogenic Landscapes

What are Landscapes?

Ecosystems are spatially heterogeneous across landscapes.  Landscape ecology investigates the causes and consequences of this spatial heterogeneity across a range of scales.  About landscapes...

What are Ecotopes?

Ecotopes are the smallest ecologically-distinct components of landscapesMore on the definition of "ecotope"...

Why Map Ecotopes?

Ecotope mapping stratifies landscapes into ecologically distinct components, enabling the measurement and mapping of landscape structure, function and change.  Applications of ecotope mapping...

A History of Ecotope Mapping

Though ecotope mapping dates to the birth of landscape ecology, it is as up to date as the latest high resolution satellite imagery.  More on the history of ecotope mapping....