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Why Landscapes?

Ecotope History

The History of
 Anthropogenic Ecotope Mapping (AEM)


AEM is currently under development as an open source toolbox for the measurement of ecological structure, function, and change across managed landscapes.


The core of the AEM system was developed by Erle Ellis and his collaborators to measure long-term ecological changes in managed landscapes in China and the USA, starting in 1993.


The core methodology is now under review for publication.  On acceptance of the methods by peer review, the complete and updated AEM system will be made available in The AEM System section of this website.


A brief description of the methodology is in a 2004 book chapter by Erle Ellis.  The chapter is available for download: Ellis 2004 (download pdf).


A prototype of the current ecotope system was developed to measure ecological changes from the 1930s to 1994 across a village in China.  These early methods are described in: Ellis et al. 2000a.(download pdf).  More information on the early system is online at: http://www.agroecology.org/people/erle/research/china/methods/landclass.htm

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