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USE = Mine & Fill

Code: M

Description: active mining, filling & dumping
Surface: surface covered >10cm depth with anthropogenic debris or refuse/ or >25cm depth with transported material or soil
Vegetation: usually barren/ but may have annual cover <40%
Water: may have inputs
Livestock: rare
L1 Minimum: >5m
L2 Minimum: >2m
Identification: spectral signature/ or proximity to Constructed/ feature geometry/ & prior knowldege

Compatible Classes

Anthropogenic Mounded Excavated
Sealed Barren Bare soil Annual
excavation infill & dumping
Mapped Ecotopes

ANMEex01 ANMEin01 ANMEin03 ANMEin04 EXMEex02 EXMEex08 EXMXex04

Citation for AEM: Ellis E. C., H. Wang, H. Xiao, K. Peng, X. P. Liu, S. C. Li, H. Ouyang, X. Cheng, and L. Z. Yang. 2006. Measuring long-term ecological changes in densely populated landscapes using current and historical high resolution imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment 100(4):457-473.