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Anthromes   The Global Ecological Patterns Created by Humans

Anthromes 12K

Anthromes 12K maps global changes in anthromes over the past 12,000 years (10,000 BCE to 2015CE) using the HYDE 3.2 land use and population dataset and an updated Anthromes classification system (v2.1).  Anthromes versions explained <here>.


How have humans transformed the biosphere over the past 12,000 years?


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The Anthromes 12K dataset was published April 25, 2020.


Please cite:

Ellis, E.C., A. Beusen, and K.K. Goldewijk. 2020. Anthropogenic biomes: 10,000 BCE to 2015 CE. Land 9(5):129 (open access).


Open Data: Anthromes 12K at Harvard Dataverse.

A project of the Anthromes Working Group