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Plant Biodiversity in the Anthropocene


Data for: Ellis, E. C., E. C. Antill, and H. Kreft. 2012. All is not loss: plant biodiversity in the Anthropocene. PLoS ONE 7:e30535.  [download]


Online Appendices (in one .zip file)
  • Detailed methods
  • Global statistics (Excel file)
  • Supplementary Maps
Maps in Shapefile format (in one .zip file)
  • Global dataset in ESRI Shapefile format.
  • Data for all main plant species richness variables.
  • Geometry: Level 8 Discrete Global Grid
    •  16,805 hexagonal grid cells
  • Readme.txt describes data structure
Plant Species Richness Data in Excel (one .zip file)
  • Global dataset in Excel format.
  • All main plant species richness variables.
  • Data for all 16,805 hexagonal grid cells.
  • Same data structure as maps in shapefile format.