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Braun and Murdoch 2008

A First Course in Statistical Programming with R 

by W. John Braun and Duncan J. Murdoch (Author)                                              


Paperback: 174 pages
Publisher: Cambridge University Press; 1 edition (January 28, 2008)
ISBN-13: 978-0521694247


Science › Mathematics › Applied › Probability & Statistics › "r"

*Winner! Best Introductory book on R software


Summary Review: If you know basic statistics, this book is the simplest and fastest way we have seen to get up to speed with using R-language - by far the best *intro* to R book we have come across.  There is a down side though- this is a very thin book- only 174 pages- with a regular book price!  And once you've got the basics, you may as well give this book to another learner- it is just about useless as a reference.  If you want a book to keep, The R Book, which also has a decent introductory section, will serve you well as a reference for years to come.  But if you just want to get started with R in a hurry, this is the book to buy.

February 3, 2009


*NOTE We recommend  this book based on how readily it will help a statistically-savvy user get started with R.  But as we note above, it is NOT a book that you will necessarily find useful after you are using R- it is NOT a good reference book, nor does it have much depth.  Nevertheless, we feel it has use if you just want a book that will get you using R quickly.  And, final word- none of us who reviewed the book actually decided to purchase it!  We reccommend getting from the library and then returning it!

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