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Aerial Platforms

In Testing
GWS Slow Stick
Gaui 300X-S Quadricopter

Of Interest

Multiplex Easy Star rtf: http://www.multiplexusa.com/ready-to-fly/easy_star.html

  • Cost: ~$200.

Quadricopters (also hexa- and octo-)
AscTec Falcon 8: http://www.asctec.de/asctec-falcon-2/

  • Cost: >$15K with full GPS flying capability.

AscTec Hummingbird:

  • AutoPilotV2- Cost: >$4.5K with full GPS flying capability. 200g payload


  • Research Pilot V1 - Cost: $1.2K without GPS flying. 200g payload.

AscTec Pelican AutoPilotV2:

  • AutoPilotV2- Cost: >$6.7K with full GPS flying capability.  500g payload.

AscTec Funpilot: http://www.asctec.de/technics/

  • Cost: >$1.5K.

Draganflyer X4: http://www.draganfly.com/uav-helicopter/draganflyer-x4/index.php

  • Cost: ~$9K (not including GPS flying capability, or video base station)

Mikrokopter: http://mikrokopter.de/ucwiki/en/HexaKopter

Conrad 450 ARF Quadrocopter: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1171103

Parrot AR Drone Kit http://www.flying-hobby.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=406_441_442&products_id=6885

  • Cost: ~ $400
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