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Assembling the Brushless Controllers (V2.0)

This section in assembly is only required if you have ordered the non-presolder kit.

The Brushless Controller V2.0 is the latest in Mikrokopter ESC’s, for detailed information on its specifications visit the Mikrokopter wiki page.  Assembly of the BL controller is relatively simple and only requires a few steps.

When you receive your Hexakopter kit the brushless controllers should be in six separate bags. The first thing you want to do is label each bag from 1 to 6, this will be useful later on when defining the addresses for each controller.

Once you have labeled the controllers its time to start soldering the addresses for each controller. You will notice that each controller has a small section labeled ADR (see below). We will be soldering these jumpers to determine the address of the brushless controller.

Remember how I suggested to label the bags, here is where it comes in handy. We will take one BC out of the bag, and solder the address then put it back in the bag so that we don’t have duplicate addresses. Here’s a handy table to help you determine which motor gets which address. (Motor configuration image courtesy of Mikrokopter Wiki)

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