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Under Investigation

  • Casio EX-FS10
  • Casio EX-FC105
  • Casio EX-FC100
  • Canon SD4000
  • Tetracam ADC Lite - NDVI camera

Useful links

** Here NIR refers to "Near-Infrared" - the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum just outside the range of human vision, that is known to be useful to vegetation and water moisture studies.  See the Remote Sensing Tutorial http://rst.gsfc.nasa.gov/Sect3/Sect3_1.html for a review.
Update 11/11
  • Canon EX-FS10 - Former Primary Aerial Camera
    • Very Durable - Recessed Lens
    • Cheap ($100)
    • Narrow Angle of View
    • ~2fps
  • Canon SD4000 - Current Primary Aerial Camera
    • Cheap ($200)
    • Wider Angle of View
    • ~2fps
  • ADC Tetracam Lite - NDVI
    • Manual Focus
    • Unacceptably slow, ~1/10fps
  • Lifepixel-modified Canon SD4000 - NIR P&S
  • GoPro HD Hero2 - Video/Still
  • Olympus E-PL2 w/ 9-18mm - Ultra-wide Angle, Primary Ground Cam
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