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Ecosynth Variables

One of the characteristics of this project seems to be a large number of variables to either tweak or constrain, and a near-limitless number of things to try which are likely to have an effect on the resulting point cloud.  This is a list of potentially optimizable variables or options.

Aerial Ecosynth

  • Varying altitude
  • Downsampling Resolution
  • Decimating sequential pictures
    • Synthing every other, or every third picture
    • Varying the intervalometer at the camera level
  • Varying number of cameras
    • Varying camera angle
  • Varying camera and camera settings for
    • low noise
    • low motion blur
    • sufficient depth of field
  • Varying camera lens angle of view
  • Varying flight path
    • Parallel Transects in a zig-zag pattern
    • Overlapping 'Transect Grid' flight path
      • Two superimposed grids to accomodate flying limitations
  • Multiscale flight
    • Flying simple flight transects at 50m, and then flying the same pattern at 100m
      • Decimating the 100m data, eliminating 3/4 of pictures to reduce data processing to 125% of original, and maintain overlap decisions
  • Fusion of NIR and RGB band pictures
    • Removal of NIR-blocking filter on an RGB camera
    • Orange filter on NIR-converted camera
    • Registration of NIR and RGB point clouds
      • Using simple markers
  • Incorporation of flash illumination for constant spectral quality
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