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Hexakopter Master Page

The Mikrokopter Hexakopter Multirotor RC Aircraft
The Mikrokopter Hexakopter, being flown by Jonathan in the picture at left, is a small and light-weight multirotor remote controlled aircraft that is capabale of flying programmed routes over the forest at a fixed altitude while carrying a small digital camera.

Erle discovered this platform at the end of Summer 2010 and we immediately purchased one for image collection testing. Garrett and Nisarg's hard work in hardware assembly and software configuration had us up in the air for the first time in only a few weeks. Jonathan's previous flying experience with small helicopters, a flight simulator, and the Slow Stick fixed-wing aircraft meant he was out flying missions by the end of September. We now have several Hexakopters in the lab that were used heavily during the fall for our recent data collection aimed at identifying canopy species by capturing tree phenology.
Hexakopter Specs
  • Weight: 1.5 kg with lithium-polymer battery
  • Dimensions: 60cm diameter, 35cm tall
  • Typical Payload: 130-500g for one to three cameras
  • Flight Altitude: 100m above the ground maximum
  • Flight Time: 15 minutes with a 5000 mAh li-po battery and cameras

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Here are several pages about assembling the hardware and software components of the Hexakopter:

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