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What is Ecosynth?


Ecosynth is a modernized method of remote sensing which implements computer vision technology, low cost user friendly equipment and remotely operated UAVs to perform surface scans on ecological landscapes across the globe.

One of the most defining elements of the Ecosynthing process is the type of data required to produce scientific results. Unlike modern LIDAR techniques, the only data required for an Ecosynth analysis are aerial photographs of the region being evaluated. These photographs are uploaded to a computer and sent through a program called Bundler, which uses stereophotogrammetry techniques to render a 3D image of the contents depicted in the photographs. These 3D images or “point clouds” can then be used to approximate tree heights and map the physical features of a landscape's terrain. Another application that is currently being evaluated is the use of these results to determine the variety of vegitation in a particular area. In order to yield such results the photo acquisition process must be performed in the spring, budding season or fall, during which individual tree varieties can be clearly distinguished by their canopy's appearence.

The initial process begins with field data being collected that will later be compared to the information gathered using our 3D point clouds. (More to come on this later)

To be continued...

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