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Nov 12 2010

EasyStar Progress

On Friday of last week the EasyStar had been delivered from the Tower Hobbies website. Although the ArduPilot components were ordered on Monday of this week, they have not yet arrived. In the meantime I had started to assemble and modify the EasyStar such that when the parts are delivered I can focus on getting the ArduPilot set up and making modifications to the open source code.

As of now, two plastic hinges have been inserted into the bottom of the fuselage which enable the frame to be quickly disassembled for easy access to the internal electronics and camera. I have also started to carve out a gap in the fuselage for the SD4000 digital camera. A hole was also added to the bottom of the fuselage which will enable the SD4000’s camera lens to be fully extended while inside the EasyStar. Once the ArduPilot parts are delivered I will begin to carve out sections within the fuselage that will house each of the ArduPilot’s components. The image illustrated below shows the respective locations for each of the components. It’s likely that this layout will be refined as the build continues to insure that the center of gravity is in the correct location.

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