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May 13 2011

Camera Stabilization

Denny Rowland, blogging at DIYDrones, is claiming dramatic performance on his image-stabilized arducopter. Keeping an 80x zoom steady is something hard enough to do with fast exposures on a specialized motion picture mount. It's so difficult that tripod-mounted binoculars don't even bother getting that high magnification for the most part. The telescope equivalent to his measurements, 18 arc seconds of periodic error at the mount (before camera IS), would be something to be proud of in designing your own astrophotography mount.  If you could keep the platform as steady in translation as it apparently is in rotation (unlikely), you could do high-sharpness long exposure images of anything in the world - Ecosynth aerial scans by moonlight, if necessary.  The translation movement problem though, is going to be minimized by going to higher altitude, where rotation becomes the whole game.

His flying camera quad, built for 12kg maximum thrust, proves that any pointing and stabilization needs within the realm of reason are well within our reach if we ever need to address them.

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