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Nov 08 2011

Color and Statistics

This was just just searching for a specific range of Hue, Saturation and Values. It obviously picked up a lot of stuff other than what I wanted, like almost green colors. Also there are way too many points. 






This is using the correlation between each point and an orange of (30,100,100). Less points have been picked up but most of them are still not from the buckets. I need to pick the perfect value for orange and then pick a really large correlation coefficient to limit the points to just the buckets. Its going to be a little hard to find the exact right color to use as the base color.

I'm going to manually search through some of the point clouds and find out what color the buckets actually are. I already have an idea from one small subset of points that included one bucket, but I need a larger sample of points to get better mean values for h s and v. Once I've done that maybe it will be easier to pick out the buckets from the above messes of points.

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