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Feb 14 2012

Surveying Friday 02/10/2012 with Kelly and Eric.

Today Eric and Kelly were able to accompany me in the field work. While we were out we were able to get 3 points layed out, determine a need for extra control and trouble shoot with instrument operations.

Surveying the first two points went just fine, but after the first two were staked out, I ran into a technical error that is best explained as the instrument was telling me to put the points in the wrong place 61 degrees away from where the points were supposed to go. It seems that whenever I want to re-establish my base line of 0 degrees, this particular instrument does not want me to do that. The only way to re-establish my baseline, or the line that I base all the other measurements with, is by completely re-entering the baseline station data. From now on this is what I will do to keep from wasting any more time.

Never the less we were able to stake-out three more points on the far east side of the Herbert run site. We had to do an offset for point number 152 because it was in the stream. What we did to obtain this point were two offsets one 7.12 m off of the point on the east side of the stream and another 2.68m off of the point on the west side of the stream. These two points are in line with each other and  if you pull an meter tape from one point toward the other the given distance for the offset you will be right on top of the point.

The first point 146 on the tree sampling grid, which was staked out the Friday 02/03/2012 prior to this one ended up 7 cm off. I am going to go ahead and wait till the grid is complete to restake this point out because it might be able to use a measuring tape instead of the total station.

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