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Mar 07 2012

Finishing the survey grid

There have been many issues that have presented themselves while trying to survey this particular section of woods. There are many drastic elevation changes and two of our points appear to lie in the middle of the only small stream found in this section of forest. The surveying must be completed before the trees start to bud otherwise visibility would be virtually impossible to obtain, this being chief issue with the completion of the survey grid. When there is an accurate survey point set we can only plot a half a dozen points before needing a new point to shoot from due to visibility issues. Initially we discovered a way to make a new reference point through resection however Andrew and I soon discovered this was not an accurate enough approach to finishing the grid. A few more reference points must be measured before the grid can be completed and tree marking begins. An accurate effective method of tree marking must be used and we are in the process of obtaining Dr. Richard Condit's Tropical Forest Census Plots: Methods and Results from Barro Colorado Island, Panama and a Comparison with Other Plots. Hopefully this will give us a new outlook on how to plot the trees in the most precise manner.

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