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May 23 2012

Keystone Precision open house and robotic surveying.

May 23, 2012 Keystone Precision held their latest Open House. The picture to the left is of some of their Robotic Total stations. These things are pretty advanced compared to the SOKKIA SET 510 that we are being lent from Andrew Millers' lab. This total station has a 6 sided prism so that the instrument can recegnize it from any position and you do not have to continually face the prism toward the instrument. Also inside there is a radio tracking device that you set the total station and the data collector to on the same channel. From here on the Display screen is a picture of the level bubble on the instrument! this is pretty awesome because now I can know from where I am, any where in the field, if the total station is expereincing a tilt error and when it is close' like on days after a big rain when its hard to get a stable set up, I can frequently keep tabs on this and make sure it is not off level. The coolest thing about this though is that the Radio frequency that is shared between the total station and the data collector allow me to move any where I want in the field, up to 3 kilometers, and it will follow me to what ever angle I go! Also If I load up this thing full of points and choose a specfic point to stake out, since it knows the angle I need to turn based on the baseline I give it, it goes ahead and turns to the next point for me! I mean this thing totally makes surveying a one man job. This kind of surveying is what alot of independent "one man" surveycrews are turning too. A guy who I met at the Workshop actually bought one and does work on a time available basis and since he does not need employees he does not have to always have steady work for a bunch of people. He only needs enough work for himself.

I feel like this type of surveying is going to replace the old instrument man/crew chief model of the past.

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