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Oct 20 2010

SD4000 with v5 Beta of CHDK

The Canon Point-and-shoot cameras for 2010 are amazingly powerful and priced to sell, but with the “simple” addition of CHDK you can get all of the features that are usually only found on high end cameras. The main feature that interests us is CHDK’s ability to incorporate an intervalometer, which allows for continuous shooting at controlled intervals…in theory.

The problem of running any beta version is that there are often going to be many un-foreseen errors that often plague open-source firmware in their early betas. After plenty of research, we were finally able to get CHDK onto a 4GB SD card using CardTricks v1.44 and running with little or no problem.  Once the script for the Ultra Intervalometer was added under /SCRIPTS/ folder on the SD the problems began to become apparent. Although the on-screen prompts for the intervalometer are all present, the actual functionality is not there as only one photo at a time can be taken despite many different settings changes and modifications to the code.

As the beta progresses I hope to see more people working with an intervalometer and perhaps then we can test it’s functionality to that of the SD4000’s stock “Continuous” setting.  Check back for updates on CHDK with this project!!



CardTricks v 1.44 available at: http://drop.io/chdksoft

CHDK for SD4000 beta v5 at: http://drop.io/chdk_ixus300_sd4000

CHDK Ultra Intervalometer at : http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/UBASIC/Scripts:_Ultra_Intervalometer