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Apr 22 2011

MAV (Micro Air Vehicle) enters Fukushima

Yet another use for a small drone!  The main thing I Iiked about this article is the use of a new term (new to me at least): “MAV” = Micro Air Vehicle or Micro Aerial Vehicle, to describe small drones similar to those we are using for Ecosynth.  

Should we start using this term?  Does it apply to the Mikrokopter Hexakopter and/or Ardupilot drones?

Link: http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/21/t-hawk-uav-enters-fukushima-danger-zone-returns-with-video/

Mar 17 2011

Microdrones on NPR

NPR just posted an interesting piece on drones- It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A Drone!  The piece highlights their growing popularity, the challenges of gaining FAA approval and interviews Chris Anderson of DIYDrones (and founder of Wired).

Hopefully this will stimulate the FAA to finally unleash the microdrone revolution!

Feb 18 2011

Nano Hummingbird boggles the mind

This is a live video streaming aircraft.  Need I say anymore?!

AeroViroment develops operational unmanned aircraft for DARPA that looks like a hummingbird: http://bit.ly/eVVTM2

Jan 24 2011

New Website for Micro Aerial Projects

Just received notice by email from Micro Aerial Project informing me that their new website (http://www.microaerialprojects.com) has recently been uploaded and that we should visit their products page for information regarding our Microdrone UAVs and their payloads. 

I've had a look, and they do indeed have some very cool stuff for sale- but at a starting price of $15K- is there any reason to go with this solution over what is on offer from Mikrokopter?