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May 08 2012

Arducopter Back in Flight

After a steep learning curve for Arducopter, we have it flying.  Garret left us the Arducopter after graduating, I had never so much as worked with Arducopter before.  Of course I had never worked with Mikrokopters either, but Jonathan was here to teach me everything I need to know about them.  I didn't have that luxury for Arducopter, so progress was a bit slower.

The first thing I did when Istarted working with the ardu was to load new firmware and update to the new mission planner.  Since this was all new software, the Arducopter had to be calibrated from scratch.  After crashes during motor tuning, we had multiple delays while waiting for new parts to come in.

But the Arducopter is flying now, and not a moment too soon.  With summer rapidly approaching and all the orders in, I'm going to start building the Octocopter very soon.  It gives me some assurance that I was able to get the quad Arducopter flying, since the Octocopter also uses Ardupilot.

Mar 16 2012

Updates: Hexakopters, Quad Arducopter and Octocopter.

Now that the hexakopters are basically complete (one has a programming error that we are currently working on), Stephen and I decided to work with our other projects: quad arducopter and octocopter.

The quad arducopter (4 blades) is working.  We spent a few days familiarizing ourselves with the parts of the copter using the arducopter wiki (http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/ArduCopter).  The electronic speed controller (ECS) still needs to be calibrated, but it the copter is connecting to the computer and seems to be in working order.  We have started the parts list so that we can move forward.

The octocopter (8 blades) is still in the supply obtaining phase.  We have already placed our order for the necessary parts to construct the copter.  Within a few weeks we shall have those supplies and can commence the construction!  The objective of the octocopter is to run the trials the hexakopters are currently doing, but more efficiently.  It is also hoped that we can use the octocopters to expand the scanning area.