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Aug 18 2010

3D Scanning of UMBC?


Ready for an Ecosynth scan over the entire UMBC campus?  I think it’s time!

I just gave a brief talk about our 3D mapping work to the University administration at the annual retreat.  Along with Stu Schwartz (Senior Scientist, CUERE), Suzanne Braunschweig (Lecturer, UMBC GES), and Patricia La Noue (Director, UMBC Dept. of Interdisciplinary Studies) I was on a panel discussing the value of UMBC’s natural spaces as classroom and laboratory.  I spent my 5 minutes talking about how I use the forests on campus as my lab for developing our new approach to ecological remote sensing.  Suzanne talked about her experiences teaching science classes using the natural environment of UMBC, Stu talked about the campus as a lab for studying the hydrology and planning side of stormwater management strategies, and Patricia talked about her work engaging students of interdisciplinary studies with UMBC’s natural spaces through the Greenway project.

I ended my talk with this point cloud image from the Herbert Run site that really captured the 3D structure of buildings and trees around the dorms of campus, I think it was a big hit!  Link to the Photosynth, here.  I mentioned in this slide how we are thinking about an Ecosynth scan of the whole campus.  Afterwards several people came up to ask about Ecosynth and about a campus ecological inventory.

The area inside the loop is about 63 hectares, easily 10 times bigger than anything we have done before.   But, I think it is possible.  We met with another RC flier on Monday who is a member of the Baltimore Area Soaring Society and is very excited by the value that our work places on his hobby.  He thinks that the Slow Stick might be a great aerial platform for a campus acquisition simply because it requires minimal space for take off and landing (recall that flight from 7/30 where we staged from atop a parking garage).  So, I will have to see how a 3D scan of campus fits in with my schedule of dissertation work.  I think I will need to get some help!  My slides are attached in PDF form below.


DANDOIS_ELLIS_UMBC_Ecosynth_short.pdf (3.94 mb)

Aug 03 2010

3D Ecosystem Scanning Presented at ESA

Today I am giving my first oral presentation about our Ecosynth 3D ecosystem scanning system at the annual Ecological Society of America meeting in Pittsburgh PA; this is also my first professional oral presentation!  I am presenting in an Organized Oral Session on Citizen Science to Remote Sensing, the abstract of my talk is here, link.  I am very excited and I think that this will be a great session to present on our new approach for remote sensing of ecosystems in 3D.

I will post my slides after the talk!


UPDATE: OK, so the talk went great and was very well received by the audience.  I am having some technical difficulties uploading the powerpoint file.  If you would like a copy please send me an email and I will find a way to get it to you: jdando1 <at> umbc <dot> edu

UPDATE2: I have uploaded my presentation as a PDF file.  It looks like I was running into filesize limitations on the upload.  This strips out my 3D animated graphics, but everything else is still OK.

DANDOIS_and_ELLIS_ESA2010_OOS18-10.pdf (6.18 mb)