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Adam P. Dixon

Ph.D. Candidate
Geography & Environmental Systems
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
M.S., Geographic Information Science, Northwest Missouri State University
B.A. Environmental Studies, University of Kansas
email: adampdixon@umbc.edu
website: adampdixon.com/

Land Management, Biodiversity Conservation

I am interested in using geographic information to guide land use decision making. My past research has involved ecological corridor modeling, geographic assessment of biofuels policy in the tropics, global grassland ecosystem mapping, fine scale mapping of natural and non-natural grasslands using remotely sensed data, and ecosystem service and biodiversity assessment for infrastructure development in Myanmar. My research at UMBC builds on these experiences working in the Lab for Anthropogenic Landscape Ecology to ask questions about the interactions between human land use and biophysical systems. The aim is to produce geographic visualizations and information to develop land use management practices that enhance human well-being, biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service provisioning.


Olimb, S. K., A. P. Dixon, E. Dolfi, R. Engstrom, and K. Anderson. 2017. Prairie or planted? Using time-series NDVI to determine grassland characteristics in Montana. GeoJournal :in press.

Dixon, A., Faber-Langendoen, D., Josse, C., Morrison, J., Loucks, C. 2014. Distribution mapping of world grassland types. Biogeography, Vol 41, 11, 2003-2019.

Promoting sustainable land use planning in Sumatra and Kalimantan, Indonesia: Building mapping capacity for sustainability. August 2014. WWF-Indonesia. Jakarta.

Project management and cartographic design for Sigaptaru, a collaborative mapping website to integrate with land use planning stakeholders in Sumatra, Indonesia. Released May 2013. WWF-Indonesia. Jakarta.

Poster: Global Grasslands. ESRI International User’s Conference. July 2013. Award: Second Place - Single Map Product

Poster: Planning for Conservation in the Ruvuma Landscape: critical ecosystems and need for human development. March 2011. ESRI and SCGIS Conservation Mapping Contest. Award: First Place - Best Use of Science

Master’s thesis: Modeling ecological connectivity in a protected area network in southeast Tanzania; in support of Master of Science, Geographic Information Science, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, Missouri, July 2012.