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Erle C. Ellis (艾尔青)

Associate Professor
Geography & Environmental Systems
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Ph.D., Cornell University, 1990
ece "at" umbc.edu

Department web page:  http://www.umbc.edu/ges/people/ellis.htm

Landscape Ecology, Biogeochemistry, Global Change & Sustainable Ecosystem Management


My work focuses on understanding the ecology of densely populated landscapes as they are transformed by population growth and industrially-based technologies.  I am particularly concerned by the global and local environmental impacts of land use change and the very high nutrient inputs that are now used to sustain food security in the villages of developing countries. Recently, I have been conducting work across rural China as principal investigator of the project Long-Term Biogeochemical Changes in China's Anthropogenic Landscapes. I have also been investigating anthropogenic biomes, the global ecological patterns produced by human/environment interactions. My teaching includes Environmental Science & Conservation (120), Landscape Ecology (305), Applied Landscape Ecology (405/605), Biogeochemical Cycles in the Global Environment (412/612) and Field Methods in Geography (485/685).


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Jorge Ribas, December 14, 2007

Keywords: landscape ecology, biogeochemistry, ecosystem management, resource management, sustainable agriculture, traditional agriculture, agroecosystems, agroecology, village-scale ecosystems, anthropogenic ecosystems, anthropogenic landscapes, human dominated landscapes, ecological history, agricultural history, ecotope, human ecology, China, observational uncertainty analysis, data quality, integration, ecological synthesis.

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