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Erle C. Ellis, Professional Activities


May 22-27, 2007, Beijing, China

Symposium 23: Ecology of Rural China: Past, Present and Future

Ancient agricultural landscapes cover more than a quarter of China's total area. Interspersed with and adjacent to less disturbed areas, these dynamic and intensively managed ecosystems contribute disproportionately more to regional and global changes in climate, the biogeochemical cycles and biodiversity and are both the source and recipient of serious local and regional environmental impacts, including water and air pollution, deforestation, and habitat loss. This symposium will characterize the past and present ecological state of China's densely populated rural landscapes and discuss future trends and options for sustaining environmental quality and rural livelihoods in the face of increasing ecological demands on these systems.


Our symposium supports the conference theme: Ecological Complexity and Sustainability, by focusing on ecologically sustainable environmental management in some of the most complex and dynamic ecosystems on earth: China's rural landscapes. The session will focus special attention on the local, regional and global causes and consequences of changes in rural land management and resource use, including fertilizers, pesticides, fuels, and land development, clearing, tillage, tree planting and land abandonment.

Erle Ellis, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Linzang Yang, CAS Institute of Soil Science, Nanjing


8:30: Introduction. Ellis, Erle C.

8:35: LUO, Shiming. South China Agricultural University, China.

Agricultural development and ecological agriculture, past and future in Southern China.

9:00: YANG, Linzhang. Institute of Soil Science, China.

 Technology and management for the control of non-point pollution in rural areas of China’s Tai Lake Region.

9:25: HU, Zhengyi. Institute of Soil Science, China.

Control techniques for nitrogen and phosphorus losses to surface waters from a typical vegetable field in the Tai Lake watershed.


9:50: ELLIS, Erle C. University of Maryland, USA.

Long-term biogeochemical changes in China’s village landscapes.

10:15: BREAK


10:30: PENG, Kui, Institute of Geographic Sciences & Natural Resources Research, China.

Fine-scale anthropogenic features in rural China’s landscapes - area estimates and ecological importance.


10:50: WU, Junxi. China Agricultural University, China.

 Long-term ecological changes in the densely populated village landscapes of China’s Yangtze Plain Region.


11:10: JIAO, Jiaguo. Institute of Soil Science, China.

Variability in soil organic carbon within China’s densely populated village landscapes.


11:30: Summary, Discussion and Synthesis; Moderators: Yang & Ellis.

13:00: End of session.