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Erle C. Ellis, Professional Activities

90th Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting

August 7-12, 2005, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Symposium 18: Linking Local, Regional and Global Ecological Changes Across Densely Populated Landscapes

Densely populated rural, suburban and urban landscapes now cover nearly 15% of earth's land surface and their extent is increasing rapidly. Long-term ecological changes in these anthropogenic landscapes have global impacts on biogeochemical processes, climate and biodiversity that are coupled with regional and local water and air pollution, deforestation, and habitat loss. This symposium will characterize the global extent and ecological importance of anthropogenic landscapes and demonstrate a variety of multi-scale approaches toward the measurement and forecasting of long-term ecological changes across these landscapes around the world, including East Asia, Eastern Africa, Europe and North America. The session will focus special attention on measuring the global and regional impacts of changes in biogeochemical processes driven by household level decisions, including the use of fertilizers, biomass fuels, land clearing, tillage, grazing, construction, tree-planting and land abandonment.

 Erle Ellis, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Peter Verburg, Wageningen University
Richard A. Houghton, Woods Hole Research Center




Erle C. Ellis



Smil, V. University of Manitoba, Canada.

The impact of local processes on global biogeochemical cycles


Houghton, R. A. The Woods Hole Research Center, USA.

The impacts of local and regional changes in land use on the global carbon cycle


 Foley, J. University of Wisconsin, USA.

 Land use practices have negative, global-scale effects on ecosystem services and human welfare

09:35: BREAK


 Verburg, P. H. Wageningen University, Netherlands.

 Scenario analysis of European scale changes in land use and its impacts on landscape and biodiversity


van de STEEG, J. International Livestock Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya
Farming system dynamics as result of demographic change in the densely populated highlands of Kenya


 Ellis, E. C. University of Maryland, USA.

 Linking local measurements with regional data to measure long-term biogeochemical changes across China's densely populated agricultural landscapes


Summary, Discussion & Synthesis. Ellis, Verburg, Houghton

11:30: ADJOURN

EV-18: Long-Term Ecological Changes across China’s Rural Landscapes

Time: Wednesday, August 10, 8 PM - 10 PM

Place: Meeting Rooms 516d-e, Level 5, Palais des congrès de Montréal

China’s ancient rural landscapes are undergoing unprecedented ecological changes driven by industrialization, population growth and economic reform. This session will illustrate the local, regional, and global consequences of these long-term ecological changes based on four years of international collaborative research at five field sites across China. Researchers from across China will present results from high-resolution landscape change measurements, land manager interviews, and soil and vegetation sampling. These results will then be integrated with regional datasets to quantify the global impacts of long-term changes across regions including the adoption of chemical fertilizers and fossil fuels, along with dramatic increases in perennial vegetation cover and impervious surfaces. All ecologists are invited to interact directly with field-seasoned Chinese researchers in strengthening collaborations for ecological research across the most extensive densely populated ecosystems on earth.

8:00 - 8:15:   Mixer
8:15 - 9:00:   Informal presentation + questions
9:00 - 10:00:   Poster mixer

Project Website: http://ecotope.org/projects/china_2000