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Erle Ellis: Research Projects: 1998 - 1999

CASFS Farm Landscape Mapping Project

Farm Management GIS Data Products

MapInfo layers projected in US NAD83, California State Plane III, US Survey Feet format.  Imagery in GEOTiff format. Raster data in Northwood GRID format.

Data files stored in directories starting in the root directory: \GIS\UCSC_farm\final\MapInfo\

  1. Workspaces (\)
    1. All layers for 1999 (farm_all_99.wor)
    2. All layers for 1996 (farm_all_96.wor)
  2. Rectified Imagery (\images\)
    1. Farm only (farm_rec.tab, farm_rec.tif)
    2. Farm and Arboretum (farb_rec.tab, farb_rec.tif)
  3. Topography (\topo\)
    1. Topographic lines (two foot intervals; farm+arborertum = farb_topo.tab; points from line file = farb_topo_points.tab)
    2. Topographic GRID file (two foot sq. cell size; farm+arborertum = elevation.grd)
    3. Topographic polygons (five foot intervals; farm+arborertum = farb_topo_5.tab, farm only = farm_topo_5.tab)
    4. Slope GRID file (3 sq. foot cell size; farm+arborertum = slope.tab).
    5. Slope class polygons, classified to NRCS specs (farm+arborertum = farb_slope_class.tab, farm = farm_slope_class.tab)
  4. Land Use (\landuse\)
    1. Land use regions – basic farm management areas (LU_regions.tab)
    2. Land use polygons classified to ecotope, 1996 and 1999 layers (LU_96_all.tab & LU_99_all.tab)
    3. Perennial cover polygons based on aerial coverage, 1996 and 1999 layers (perennial_cover_96.tab & perennial_cover_99.tab).
    4. Soils (\soils\)
      1. NRCS classified soil polygons (soils.tab)
      2. Soil survey point data (soil_survey_points.tab)
    5. Roads outside, but near farm (outside_roads.tab)
  5. Boundaries & lines (\lines\)
    1. Farm boundary polygon (boundary.tab)
    2. Farm boundary mask polygon (boundary_mask.tab)
    3. Fences (fences.tab)
    4. 100 foot reference grid lines (NAD83; grid.tab)
  6. Reference Points (\points\)
    1. Field recognizable GPS reference points (field_refs.tab).
    2. Landmarks & points of interest (not all GPS verified; points_of_interest.tab)
    3. Irrigation headers (irrigation.tab)
    4. GPS points used for imagery rectification (all_gps_image_ref_points.tab)