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Lindsey Gordon

M.S. & B.S.
Geography & Environmental Systems
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
email:  lgordon1@umbc.edu
Web page: https://umbc.academia.edu/LindseyGordon 

Agricultural Intensification, Global Analysis (GLOBE Project)

My thesis research focused on global geographic analysis of agricultural intensification. I was also involved in developing methods for global representativeness analysis and case study georeferencing as part of the GLOBE project.


Schmill, M.D., L.M. Gordon, N.R. Magliocca, E.C. Ellis, and T. Oates. 2014. GLOBE: Analytics for Assessing Global Representativeness. Pages 25-32 in Computing for Geospatial Research and Application (COM.Geo), 2014 Fifth International Conference on. [download]