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Long-Term Biogeochemical Changes in China's Anthropogenic Landscapes


Project Collaborators

Principal Investigator

Prof. Erle C. Ellis (艾尔青)
Dept. of Geography & Environmental Systems
University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
1000 Hilltop Circle Baltimore, MD 21250, USA

Primary Collaborators

Prof. Linzhang Yang (杨林章)
Deputy Director
Nanjing Institute of Soil Science (NISS)
Chinese Academy of Sciences
71 East Beijing Road
Nanjing, Jiangsu 210008, China

Prof. Xu Cheng (程序)
China Agricultural University (CAU)
No. 2 Yuanmingyuan Xi Lu
Haidian District
Beijing 100094, China

Prof. Hua Ouyang (欧阳华)
Deputy Director
Institute of Geographical Sciences & Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR)
China Ecosystem Research Network (CERN)
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing 100101, China

Support Collaborators

Prof. Luo Shiming (骆世明)
South China Agriculture University (SCAU)
Guangzhou 510642, China

Supported by US National Science Foundation Grant DEB 0075617